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A multi-cultural, -generational & -digital-analog community

that collaborates with one another & the greater-than-human world

to realise a regenerative Osa community.

We invite you to become a..

Your possibilities for a re*newed story that speaks into the possibilities for a regenerative Osa community. story that speaks of trust, abundance, enrichment and equitable distribution of capital. 

..part of a global humane collective that supports all life of the Osa through her place-based stewards and weavers.

ReGenerosa Ambassador

The ReGenerOsa Ambassador

Choose to actively share the stories and latest updates of the ReGenerOsa Collective via your communication channels. 

How does it work?

Subscribe for our Ambassadors program and we will add you to our Ambassadors Telegram channel through which you'll receive content for different channels to share with your network

Tell me more about the Ambassadorship

Thank you for subscribing & we'll be in touch soon!

ReGenerosa In*vestor

The ReGenerOsa in*vestor

Join the ReGenerOsa Collective by in*vesting 2.5% of whatever

you can share with Osa Weavers and Stewards.

How can I pledge?

We are collecting resources in multiple currencies and capitals. Ranging from financial to human, social and other types of capital. This could be time, 2.5 days of your rental home, or materials and tools etc.

Learn about

the 8 different forms of


The ReGenerOsa Weaver/ Steward

ReGenerosa Weaver / Steward

Join the ReGenerOsa Collective as local weaver/ steward of the Osa.

How do I sign up as place-based Osa Weaver/ Steward?

Sign up via our subscription form with a description of your project, the needed resources and timeline and we'll get in touch!

How do I become a Weaver / Steward? 

Thank you for subscribing & we'll be in touch soon!

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